T. Sedov
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About me

Hi. I'm Tim.
I'm UX/UI-Designer from Estonia.
I feel the passion to create meaningful, interesting
stories for people by Design.
Check them below.


I do

Work currently for Cyberland OÜ.

(as Product Designer)

Write about cinema on my Telegram channel (Teletype for longreads).

(Sorry, only for Russian)

Some thoughts about Design here.

(But not always about Design)

Read Designing with Sound: Fundamentals for Products and Services (by Amber Case, Aaron Day), Black: The History of a Color (by Michel Pastoureau) and Infinite Jest (by David Foster Wallace).

Reach me out

td.sedov@gmail.com, LinkedIn, Telegram, +372 56 26 4374, Behance, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

2020 is a great year